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Almost 3 years on the road….

It has been almost 3 years that we will have been living on the road. And during that time, on various occasions, my wife, partner, traveling companion has hinted, to put it mildly, that it would be nice if I were to do a blog.

Now don’t get me wrong…it was probably me who suggested that idea in the first place. Back when we first got started on this adventure…how cool would it be to recount our days of discovery…..but the first couple of days went by and nothing….well, maybe I could make it a weekly post….but weeks went by, and nothing… fact my last post was at the end of 2019!!!

So why, you ask, have I not put thoughts to screen? Obviously, I am way too busy! This retirement thing is harder than I ever thought it would be….and trying to find time to do anything, well that is never going to happen!

Just recently, we had a couple of close friends get the RV bug, and they turned to us for advice. Us. The people who are out here on a day to day basis still trying to figure things out. But you know what? As we talked, and asked our questions, and answered theirs, we / I realized we did know a lot….and a lot that is worth sharing. And that was one of the things I think was initially stopping me from sharing….the thought that I did not know what I was talking about.

So, I am going to make a concerted effort to follow thru on a 3 year old commitment….and blog. Susan Bowman, be ready!!

Here is to the road ahead, and the adventures that await. We already have 2021 planned, and some of 2022, so its not like I won’t have things to share.

And from one of my favorite high school authors…….. and so it goes.

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  1. Well Dan….it’s certainly a long time coming and I cannot express just how excited I am! To finally see my name in print is all I have dreamed it would be! I just hope I can handle the ensuing fame🤣🤣🤣
    Seriously though, I am very excited to be on your blog list, and I look forward to living vicariously through you and Patty in the upcoming travelogues. Being landlocked here with all the animals, I will never get to experience your open road freedom, so I will follow your adventures with a twinge of jealousy and a whole lot of admiration for you two living your dreams! Sending you two so much love,

    1. Thank you! As you can see, have not quite got to the regular posting phase…but getting closer. Have another post coming shortly, and new plans taking shape for the remainder of the year. We think of you often….and that jealousy thing goes both ways. Thanks for being sooooooooooo patient!

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