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Full Time RVing – first year recap!

Well here it is, our one year anniversary of being on the road full time in our beautiful new home.   We have been a little remiss in posting but we hope to change that this year!

Let’s start with a recap…

Mr Dan usually sits inside to drive!

We left Frisco April 11, 2018         headed in a round about way to Estes Park CO for our first work camping job. We were so fortunate to have found Estes Park Campground at Mary’s Lake for our first job – the Managers Zenda and Kay were the best!  The were organized, helpful, patient and always smiling and a lot of fun!

Smiling faces – Zenda and Kay, Campground Managers

We worked in the store (best camp store ever), we worked outside helping campers, taking care of the grounds,    I even got to do as much weeding as I wanted!

Helping in the campstore!






We worked with 7 other couples for 5 months and met a new extended family.We had get-togethers, set around the fires, shared stories, experiences, yummy food, wine, beer and lighter brews!

Brunch for the crew at the Harrisons

In addition, we enjoyed the wonders and beauty of the Rocky Mountains National Park!  We went on some amazing hikes, saw hundreds of deer, elk and even a couple of bears close up and personal.  More pictures of our hikes can  be found HERE

 There are more wildlife pictures HERE

We went on a ghost tour at the famous Stanley Hotel (remember The Shining), we saw a local Irish Festival parade, we found  and Mindy’s house in Colorado Springs and we found the neat town of Nederland.  The town’s Carousel of Happiness is an antique carousel restored by a volunteer, it has 58 different animals, all handmade, from giraffes to elephants – it is absolutely beautiful, (we enjoyed the ride too).  And….  every March, the town celebrates the one-of-a-kind Frozen Dead Guy Days, when participants have coffin races, hearse parades and take a polar plunge — among many other activities — to celebrate the late Bredo Morstal, who is cryogenically frozen and stored in town.  Too many things to talk about now, but this year we’ll share as we go along!

We were only 70 miles from Parker, where our son Mike, his wife Kim and 2 grandsons Nick and Cooper lived, so we were able to get down the mountain to see them regularly or they came up to spend a weekend in Estes.

Nick and Cooper on their first fish catch.



If you ever get to Estes Park check out the Historic Park Theatre


Also, our favorite eating place – You Need Pie!  A restaurant and pie bakery – you can even order a slice of pie and they’ll make you a shake with it!  oh my goodness!   And, if you like ‘liver and onions’ like Dan does – best ever he says!  Their regular items were good too!

So much to share about our summer in Estes, but will share more in July as we’re going back again for 2.5 months this time.

Just Saying…… Our first outing was absolutely amazing, more than we could have ever hoped or planned!

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