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Petrified Forest

Near to Holbrook AZ is the Petrified Forest.  I remember reading about this when I was a kid, and I had always wondered why anyone would want to go look at a bunch of petrified trees…on purpose…and now I know how wrong I was.  The area is full of breathtaking vistas, fascinating paths and historic significance.  And even the petrified trees are unique, and worth a wow.  We started at the South Entrance, and headed into the park….

  There  is a wonderful Visitor Center just inside the entrance, with a couple of short trails just outside the back door                                 even a chance to express your lighter side  

A short walk across the parking lot, then down the road, leads you to this trailhead

 which leads you to this wonder of building…


Back to the car, and we set out along the main road thru the park…


   …no Lao Tsu never visited the Petrified Forest….he just knew about water!

But water is not the only thing that brings changes to the area….time and Mother Nature are also at work here…. 

But enough driving….time to get out for a little hike…


further down the road, we stop to look at “Newspaper Rock” ( I think that’s what they called it )…think of it as the first tablet 🙂


We found some more hieroglyphs at our next stop too….


along with ruins of an ancient settlement…


and if that were not enough for a full day, there is always the scenery!

 and don’t forget to look down now and then…

A wonderful day in a place called the Petrified Forest…where change comes ever so slowly.


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