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What Kind of Blog AM I

What kind of blog am I,
That will be widely read
It seems there are so many things
That I have been thinking of

What kind of blog am I
A travel blog
Or one on which
I share a tip in monologue

What kind of ideas are these
That inspire to heights
That create a want to travel
Its said that all are right

Why can’t I use my words
Like any other blog
And let the world reply
What kind of blog I am.


Since the beginning of our travels, which has only been since April of 2018, I have been struggling with the idea of a blog.

What to say.  Why say it in the first place.

Should it be pictures of places we have been?  Should it be about things that we learned along the way?

And so time has passed, and I have been hesitant to embrace this endeavor.

But I made a promise to a lot of people, that I would use this media to communicate our journey.  And do it regularly enough that those we left behind would be able to feel a part of what we were doing.

And so a blog about the places we visited seemed the most logical.

But I watched a lot of YouTubes.  Read a lot of blogs, and newsletters, and email blasts about RVing, and the trials and tribulations of getting started, and the joys of the continued journey.

And one of the things I realized is that there a lot of people starting this journey everyday.  And just maybe I have a few things to share.

But I also realized that I find it difficult to put myself out there as any kind of expert on this subject.  I am just a 69 year old guy, who, along with his lovely wife, decided one day to live in an RV fulltime.  Period.

So I am going to talk about the places we have been.  And I am going to talk about the things we do.  And I am going to share things we have learned along the way…about things we did, and things we bought, and decisions we made.

And when I do that, it will be our experiences….not THE experience.  Take it all for what it is worth.  One couples’ opinions, thoughts, ramblings.  Nothing more.  Now I am not saying you might find them useful.  That would be great.  But you still have to make your own decision. And every decision is part fact, part emotion.

I was asked the other day, what is the best truck to pull a 5th wheel.  And all I could really impart is about the truck I chose.  It was the best for me.  Not THE best.  But I can/will tell you how I made MY choice…things to consider when making YOUR choice.

So buckle up and come along on our journey.  Follow our wanderings, my ramblings, and the opinions of someone who honestly wants you to use your own powers to plot your new course.

Dan and Patty



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