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Alberta Falls in RMNP

There is a magazine we picked up at the Visitor Center, with the very creative title of ESTES PARK….guess that was an easy choice.

Anyway, there is a listing of many of the hikes in the area, categorized by difficulty….one footprint (easy ) to four footprints (to be ignored).

We have been working our way thru the one footprint hikes, and our most recent was Alberta Falls (Note: as I was writing this, I noticed this is a 2-footprint hike…well good for us!).

There are two ways to get to Alberta Falls….well there might be more….but the ones we knew about were from Bear Lake or Glacier Gorge.  We chose the latter.

By the way, the map at the bottom of the above picture is not of our hike, but of the shuttle bus route, just in case you wanted to replicate our hike!

It is a gentle incline, just 210 feet in elevation gain, and listed at 1.6 miles up and back.  It was later in the afternoon, so the temps were very tolerable….and the scenery was impressive as always.


I mean, where else can you sit at the roots of a tree that looks like it has been there forever!

But we were there for the Falls, and all along the trail you could hear the sound of rushing water.  Just a little further…


Had to take the ubiquitous selfie..

and the signpost shot…..  

While we were sitting, admiring the view, we were visited by a furry friend…

(keep this picture in mind, it becomes important later in the post)

before heading back down. And looking back up the trail…

these are steps cut into the rocks…can even see drill marks…

It was a wonderful afternoon, and I the drive home we spotted this along the side of the road…

…our first MOOSE sighting!!!

Remember that photo I told you would be important later?  Well if you are following along, you know that on this day we say MOOSE and SQUIRREL!!!!  Frostbite Falls Forever!!!  Not sure how many other childhood TV memories I can work into these posts, but I will always endeavor to try!


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