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Lake Hike in Rocky Mountain National Park

It was a wonderful weather afternoon yesterday, and even though we had worked the morning shift in the campground store, we figured we would head out and see what we could see.

So we headed to Bear Lake, which is also the jumping off place for several other scenic lakes.

The sign in the Park said BEAR LAKE PARKING FULL, but it was later in the afternoon, so we forged ahead.

It was crowded when we arrived….

Bear Lake Parking

….but the Rangers saved us a BIG spot once they saw us coming!

One of the suggestions is to take the FREE shuttle, either from the Visitors Center, or the Park and Ride within the Park

Shuttle Stop

For you map people….YOU ARE HERE! 

Next big decision for the day, was which way to go?

We headed for Nymph Lake…..and the beginning of the trail looked like this!

No problem!  And off we went to Nymph Lake!  And we were rewarded with beautiful views!

On the way to our next stop, Dream Lake, there was a little downhill detour involved, to this wonderful stream..

And then on a little further….we were almost there!

Hike a bit more, around a few more corners, and there is was…Dream Lake.


We had talked to several people on the trail, and they had said this was the prettiest of the 3 lakes, and Emerald was another 1.2 miles round trip….but the deciding factor….thunder, lightening and HAIL!!  Figured it was time to head for the parking lot!

Made it back….just a bit wet…and you remember that original distance sign….Bear Lake was just 256 FEET from the parking lot…so we just had to go there too!!

And we were not disappointed…what a beautiful body of water…and a nice flat walking path around the lake.

So that was our afternoon.  Not a bad way to spend a couple free hours!


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