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Farmers Market

So this past Thursday, as we were contemplating what to do with our day off, we remembered the Estes Valley Farmers Market was open for the Summer.

Estes Valley Farmers Market

Did you remember to go?  Those of you not living in Estes Park CO are not obligated to answer that question.

Anyway, we have been to a wide variety of Farmers Markets…used to be a vendor when we were selling worms!

And I have to tell you this is one of the better ones.

Fresh everything….produce, cheese ( got some delicious goat cheese), smoked salmon, pastries (cinnamon rolls made it home to our house), musical wooden frogs, wine, pretzels (buy one of these and then head to the cheese vendor…almost like lunch), bread, flowers.

Every THURSDAY..8a-1p….had a postcard I was going to use a graphic, but lost it.

See you there!!

But wait…after the Market, you own yourself the joy of wandering across the street ( behind the Subway ) to enjoy the beautiful riverfront park.

Estes Park RIverfront Park

Very Tranquil

By the River, Estes Park

Perfect place for a picnic

Riverfront Fountain




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