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Day 1 of Travels

We survived! 270 miles from Frisco to Livingston, TX, down near Houston. Going to be here for a couple of days. Got a call enroute from DPS ( I was going to take my Class A Driving test while here)…seems they have changed the requirements as of late, and not I have to take an additional written test before taking the driving test! So, at the end of this first day, I find myself sitting in front of a computer, trying to learn yet another section of the CDL Manual. Fun.
But lets get back to our day. All went pretty well. There was one accident on the road, and it happened right in front of us….pickup got hit and turned 90 degrees across the traffic lane!! But I was being a good defensive driver, and had left plenty of room, so was able to stop without an issue. Whew!!
But it was the conversation that was the interesting part. We both realized that this is now us….on the road….pulling our home behind us. Had not quite sunk in….but it will.
Off to more study….

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