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Texas Class A Drivers License

So we are about to hit the road and I read this random post that says you need a non-commercial Class A DL in Texas IF your CGWR is over 26001. Guess what? Our truck and coach come in close to 30000 lbs!! And I panic. Seems it can cost a pretty penny if stopped and you don’t have the proper license. Seems your insurance company might consider you “unlicensed” if you have an accident and don’t have the proper license. Great. And its less than two weeks before we hit the to Colorado. Sooooo…..quick find of Chapter 14 of the CDL Brochure….quick study of some of the most irrelevant stuff I have ever read… what is the minimum height for side reflectors ( 24 inches). Anyway, today I sat in the DPS ( Texas version of the DMV) for the better part of 3 hours, to take a 10 minute, 20 question test! The clerk said I had three tries to pass….I told her it better not take more than one. And it didn’t !! Now I have to arrange for the driving portion….gonna do that before we get out of Texas. Should be good to go.

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